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Grants For Single Mothers

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Avoid Student Loans and Apply Obama's Scholarship

Dads Avoid Student Loans and Apply to Obama's New Scholarship For Dads Program to Get $10,000 Now

Finally you have the time to go back to school like you have wanted to for so long. The only issue now is finances. There are many institutes offering student loans with lower level of interest, sure, however, after a few years of these loans, it really does add up. In fact, a four year degree could sink you in up to $40,000 in debt. That will take over a decade of several hundred dollars a month in payments. That is not a nice situation to be facing when you are trying to make a start back into the job market.

Because of the Federal Pell Grants that the government is offering all of you fathers, you can now get this education for free with no strings attached. There are no payments and no interest after you graduate, only a tax exemption worth $4000. Are you interested yet?

You can receive up to $10,000 a year in free education for several years to complete that degree or diploma of your choice. There are over 5000 institutes taking part in this program all over the country which gives you plenty to choose from. Institutes include not only the public and private facilities but those which are online. All you have to do is get the application from the FAFSA website and fill them in along with the school enrollment forms and send them to the institute once you have them filled out. It's a very simple procedure, but one that will give you priceless benefits.



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